Aluminium Angles

Aluminium angles and corner trims are strong and durable whilst remaining lightweight and resistant to corrosion. Aluminium angle iron is ideal for use outdoors or in humid environments, and can be found on edges or corners (either internally or externally) in a number of architectural and structural applications, to hide fixtures or gaps, or to offer additional protection.

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  • How to calculate aluminium angle weight?

    To calculate the weight of aluminium angle trim, you will need to know the alloy type or grade and the metal density. You will use the measurements (length, width, height and thickness) of the aluminium angle to find the total volume of the product, usually in cu cm (cubic centimetres) and multiply it by the density (usually in g/cm3) to find the overall mass, or weight of your piece.

  • How to cut aluminium angle?

    The best way of cutting aluminium angle is with a mitre saw with a carbon tipped blade, holding the aluminium corner trim in place with a clamp before cutting to the measurements and angle required. Handheld tools such as a hacksaw will likely bend the aluminium angle and leave you with a less desirable finish.

  • How to bend aluminium angle?

    You can bend aluminium angle using a brake press, though thicker aluminium corner trim will require a large amount of pressure, and anodised aluminium angle trim will often not respond well to bending.

  • How to join aluminium angle?

    You can join aluminium angle easily and in a variety of ways depending on your application. Welding will give you the strongest, most durable results, but for many applications this is difficult and costly. You can also join aluminium corner trim using soldering or brazing methods, or even with rivets, self-tapping screws or bolts.

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