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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mill Finish?

Mill Finish refers to the surface finish of the metal immediately after manufacture. A mill finished product may have surface scratches, light blemishes or spots of oxidation or contamination. Mill finished products are not generally chosen for their aesthetics and would normally be surface treated before use; painting, polishing, anodising or machining are often considered the most appropriate techniques.

Can we open a trade account?

metals4U do not offer trade accounts however a 30 day credit account is available to all schools, colleges, museums, government bodies, local authorities and NHS units etc. For all other customers full payment is required when the order is placed. Payment can be made by credit/debit, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Amazon Pay or we can generate a pro forma invoice to enable orders to be paid via BACs.

Is there a metals4U App?

Our mobile website had been designed to work just like an app that you can install straight from the site itself. Installing the app will give you instant access to a specially optimised version of our website directly form your home screen. See instructions on installing our mobile web app on your device.

Do the square tube connectors fit all materials?

The Square Tube Connectors we supply are designed to fit the 25mm or 20mm Aluminium Box Section with a 1.5mm wall thickness. They may fit other materials with the same external dimensions and wall thickness, however, we cannot guarantee this as material tolerances vary considerably.

Do we offer a fabrication service?

We offer a custom cutting and polishing service. If you require additional fabrication, we can deliver the materials directly to your chosen fabricator.

Do we sell and supply by weight?

All our materials are supplied in lengths or sheets, however, the weights of all our products can be found on the website.

Do we offer discounts for bulk purchases?

Yes - we offer bulk discounts on all orders over £1000. Discounts are applied automatically at checkout based on the value of your basket*.

  • 5% discount on all orders above £1000
  • 10% discount on all orders above £2000

* Please note basket value is calculated excluding VAT and Delivery

Can we advise the dimensions of products needed for customers projects?

We will always give as much technical help as we can, however, we are unable to advise on exact dimensions required for certain projects as we would not want to advise incorrectly or contravene building regulations.

What is the difference between 303, 304 and 316 grades of stainless steel?

303 – Good corrosion and oxidation resistance in mildly corrosive environments but should not be exposed to high temperatures or marine environments. This grade has poor welding properties. 304 – Very good corrosion and oxidation resistance but can be prone to pitting in warm chloride environments. 304 grade has excellent welding properties. 316 – Very good corrosion and oxidation resistance in aggressive chemical environments. This is the highest grade of stainless steel we supply, it has very good weldability but is not suitable for Oxy welding. For further information please see our Technical Resources page.

What is the difference between pipe and tube?

Pipe is measured on the nominal bore and tube is measured on the external diameter; 1” pipe is actually 33.4mm diameter whereas 1” tube is 25.4mm outside diameter. Pipe is pressure tested as liquids and gasses tend to be run through them. Tube is primarily used for structural or architectural work.

When will I receive my order?

We aim to dispatch all our orders on our standard next day service if we have the material available in stock. Over 90% of orders reach our customers the next working next day. If there will be a delay, a member of the customer service team will call and advise you. If you need your order urgently or on a specific day, please contact our customer service team.

Why are some polished materials longer lead times?

We keep a wide range of our polished materials ‘on the shelf’. Some products are also available polished to-order which generally takes 5 – 7 days . For a more accurate lead time please contact our Customer Service Team who will be happy to advise you.

What is the difference between Acetal and Nylon?

Acetal- An inert copolymer suitable for use in food preparation areas. Acetal has superior strength and sliding properties than nylon and is resistant to wear and strong alkalis. Acetal has low moisture absorbing properties, this makes it suitable for the manufacture of machine parts that will be submerged or used in high moisture environments without detrimentally affecting dimensional tolerances. Nylon- A thermoplastic that is suitable for use as an insulator between steels and thermal breaks. Nylon has excellent tolerance to high temperatures, impact, vibration and abrasion. This material absorbs water up to 7% of its weight when submerged or used in very humid conditions; this can lead to dimensional tolerance instability.