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  1. Bright Polished Brass Finger Plate 0.9mm
    from £11.88 (ex VAT)
    Bright Polished Brass Finger Plate 0.9mm
  2.  1.5mm Aluminium 5 Bar Finger Plate
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3 products

A Finger Plates is a cut piece of metal used to protect doors from damage and dirt. This is because when people push open a door with their hands, they tend to do it in roughly the same place. For this reason, these products are also known as Push plates. The plate protects against this build up and can add a decorative look, which is popular in many bars and restaurants.

We can supply a finger plate in a range of materials including stainless steel, brass and aluminium. This enables us to offer something to suit almost any location or look you require. Warehouses typically go for aluminium as they prefer its cost effectiveness and have little interest in a decorative finish. Traditional hotels often go for brass as it offers an air of prestige as well as protection.

Standard sizes are available off the shelf or a custom cut piece can be supplied. We offer this to guarantee that we can provide a finger plate to meet your requirements. The plates are often secured using adhesive or screws. We offer both of these as well as drill bits, goggles, gloves and everything you may need to install your plate.

Customer service means everything to us, so if you have a query please get in touch. We have a dedicated, in-house customer service team waiting to help you.