Metal polishing and pre - polished metals


We offer various polished products as part of our standard product range which includes both bright (mirror) polish and satin (brushed) finish items. Our standard polished metal stock is on the shelf ready for unbeatable delivery times. We are part of the same group as Yorkshire Polishing so all polishing is done to the highest standards and we are also able to offer specialist bespoke metal polishing to your exact specifications.

Metal Polishing Service

Just call or email with your enquiry stating whether you require bright or satin finish, the metal to be polished and the specific product stating, box section, tube, angle etc. It generally takes 5 – 7 days maximum for the polishing and would be classed as a custom order. This order would be placed via the custom link and would be subject to the same conditions as a custom order.

What is a custom order link? 

A custom order link is a hyperlink which allows you to pay for a non standard item over our website. Simply call or email your requirements and a Customer Service Advisor would then price up your quote and email you the custom link. When you click on the link it will take you to the payment page allowing you to complete the order as you would normally. A custom link is simply a quote with no obligation to buy. These links are used as both parties can see the price and measurements, preventing the errors that can occur over the telephone.