Aluminium Sheets & Plates

Aluminium plate has many applications due to its strength and durability, and is ideal for use outdoors due to aluminium’s excellent corrosion resistance. It is commonly found as tread or kick plates in industrial sites or vehicles, as well as in car bodies, food packaging, roofs, gutters and awnings. Aluminium sheet metals come in a range of thicknesses and can be anodised, polished or finished in a number of different ways.

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  1. 1.5mm thick Mill Finish Aluminium Sheet
  2. 2mm thick Mill Finish Aluminium Sheet
  3. 3mm thick Mill Finish Aluminium Sheet
  4. 4mm thick Mill Finish Aluminium Sheet
  5. 6mm thick Mill Finish Aluminium Sheet
  6. 10mm thick Mill Finish Aluminium Sheet
  7.  0.9mm thick Stucco Aluminium Sheet
  8.  1.2mm thick Stucco Aluminium Sheet
  9. 8mm thick Mill Finish  Aluminium Sheet
  10. 1.5mm thick Aluminium 5 Bar Tread Plate
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Showing 1-12 of 19 products



  • Which type of aluminium sheet is best?

    The best type of aluminium sheet depends on your application, as it comes in a range of sizes, thicknesses, strengths and finishes. Get in touch with our experts to find out which type of aluminium sheet metal is most suitable for your project.

  • How much weight can a sheet of aluminium hold?

    Aluminium sheeting has a high strength-to-weight ratio, so depending on size and additional forming, are a good choice for containers or other weight-bearing products. Get in touch with our experts if you’d like to discuss how much weight you require your aluminium sheeting to hold.

  • Can aluminium sheet be bent?

    Aluminium sheets can be bent, using a bending brake or simply using hand tools. Aluminium generally has good formability, but different alloys have different properties, so make sure to choose the right aluminium sheet metal for your project.

  • Can aluminium sheet be welded?

    Aluminium sheet can be welded, like most other aluminium products, using different processes, namely TIG, MIG and plasma. The technique used will depend on your application, for example, you may find TIG welding more appropriate for very thin aluminium sheeting.

  • Can aluminium sheet be cut?

    Aluminium sheet can be cut easily, one of the reasons it is such a popular product. Aluminium sheets can be cut using a jigsaw, a guillotine, or even simply a sharp blade or pair of snips for particularly thin sheeting. Aluminium sheet metal is also highly suitable for drilling and other machine working.

At metals4U we aren’t just metal suppliers, we’re the experts.

At metals4u, you can order any of our aluminium sheets or aluminium plate products to be custom cut to size. It’s as simple as choosing which product you need and entering your sizing requirements into the “Free Custom Cutting” box before you add to basket.

We have a wide variety of aluminium sheeting products at a range of different sizes, specifications and prices. If you have any questions about purchasing aluminium sheets or plates or you’d like to place an order over the phone, don’t hesitate to give us a shout on 01937 534 318.

And don’t forget, when you buy your aluminium sheets, plates and any other products from us, we offer fast, free delivery on orders over £75 across England and Wales.