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What is nylon sheet or plate and what is it used for?

Nylon sheet or plate is manufactured from PA6 or (nylon 6) grade engineering plastic. It has excellent formability and is well suited to injection moulding applications, 3d printing applications, and extrusion.

Nylon sheet can be easily cut with all types of saws, but is not suitable for flame cutting as it has a low melting point. 

Our plastic plate is available in white or black pigmented presentations. While both presentations are suitable for use outdoors or indoors, choosing the black pigmented version for outdoor use would offer greater UV stability.

We also stock plastic plate in acetal.

Order your nylon sheet and plate from metals4U. 

Read our in-depth guide on engineering plastics if you are uncertain which would be most suitable for your project.

Please email or call our metals4U customer service advisors for sizes currently available.

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