Aluminium Round Bars / Rods

Aluminium round bar, also called aluminium rod, is one of the most popular and versatile aluminium products due to its machinability, durability and many varied applications. Aluminium bar products have a great strength-to-weight ratio and are commonly found in machinery parts, architecture, automobiles and aviation, and like all aluminium products.

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  1. 3mm Aluminium Round Bar
    £7.00 p/m (ex VAT)
     3mm Aluminium Round Bar
  2. 4mm Aluminium Round Bar
    £5.81 p/m (ex VAT)
     4mm Aluminium Round Bar
  3. 5mm Aluminium Round Bar
    £7.00 p/m (ex VAT)
     5mm Aluminium Round Bar
  4.  6.3mm (1/4" ) Aluminium Round Bar
  5.  7.9mm ( 5/16" ) Aluminium Round Bar
  6. 8mm Aluminium Round Bar
    £7.52 p/m (ex VAT)
     8mm Aluminium Round Bar
  7.  9.5mm ( 3/8" ) Aluminium Round Bar
  8. 10mm Aluminium Round Bar
    £3.89 p/m (ex VAT)
     10mm Aluminium Round Bar
  9. 12mm Aluminium Round Bar
    £7.75 p/m (ex VAT)
     12mm Aluminium Round Bar
  10.  12.7mm ( 1/2" ) Aluminium Round Bar
  11.  14.2mm ( 9/16" ) Aluminium Round Bar
  12. 15mm Aluminium Round Bar
    £16.00 p/m (ex VAT)
     15mm Aluminium Round Bar
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Showing 1-12 of 42 products



  • What is the difference between round bar and rod?

    There is no difference between aluminium round bar and aluminium rod. Rod is often used to describe products with a smaller diameter, but there is no set figure which divides the categories. Aluminium rod is also used to differentiate from other products such as flat bar.

  • Can you bend aluminium round bars?

    You can bend aluminium round bars using a manual or hydraulic pipe bender, as well as a bend die if you would like to create multiple uniform bends. Different aluminium grades may require different techniques such as use of heat, so speak to our customer service team about which products from our aluminium bar stock are most suitable for you.

  • Can you cut aluminium round bars?

    It’s fairly easy to cut aluminium round bars with the correct machinery such as a mitre saw, and you can even cut smaller diameters using a vice and a hacksaw. Aluminium is a fairly soft metal, so it’s possible to cut these round rods with minimal prep or lubricant.

  • What are the different grades of aluminium round bars?

    All our aluminium bar and rod stock products are supplied in 6082 grade aluminium with a mill finish. This is a medium strength alloy and offers excellent machinability and corrosion resistance.

We stock a wide range of aluminium bar and aluminium rod in a variety of diameters and lengths, with fast, free delivery on orders over £85 across England and Wales.

We also offer a Free Custom Cutting service across all our aluminium round bar products, simply enter your required length at before adding to your basket or get in touch for advice from our friendly team.

If you have any questions about our aluminium bar stock or you’d like to speak to our customer services team about an upcoming project, get in touch on 01937 534 318.