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We stock kick plates and finger plates in a choice of surface finishes and metal grades to protect doors from damage caused by knocks, scrapes, and general wear.

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What are door accessories and door furniture and what are they used for?

Our door furniture range is used to protect doors from knocks, wear and tear, scrapes, and damage from mopping and cleaning.

Our kick plates are used protect doors in business and other institutions in a variety of applications such as protection from trolleys, hospital beds, and wheelchairs in hospitals and health and social care settings. Kick plates enable people to open doors with their feet or trolleys/carts without damaging the surface of the door. This increases the working life of the door and saves money on maintenance or repairs. They are also much easier to clean, making the working environment look much better for customers or members of the public.

Finger plates are used on the push side of non-latching doors, which is why they are also commonly  known as push plates. They stop dirt, impact, and oils damaging the door finish from repeated touch surface contact.

We offer these door accessories in a range of materials including stainless steel, brass, and aluminium. This makes them suitable for use in a wide range of settings as both a functional and decorative installation. We offer these in some industry standard sizes, but custom cutting is also offered so  you only need to buy what you need- this saves you time, money, and reduces waste.

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