Aluminium Checker Plate Sheets

Aluminium checker plate, also known as aluminium tread plate or diamond plate, has a raised repeating diamond pattern to improve grip and traction in heavy traffic areas. Due to it’s excellent strength and corrosion resistance, it is primarily used in outdoor environments such as walkways, access ramps, trailer and truck beds or for indoor floor and wall protection, but can also be found in interior design, hospitality and retail settings for its aesthetic effect.

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  • Can you paint aluminium checker plate?

    You can paint aluminium checker plate with proper prep, primer, specialist metal paint and a sealant to finish. You can also use techniques such as sandblasting and powder coating to give your aluminium floor plate a new look.

  • How is aluminium checker plate made?

    Aluminium tread plate is initially made like any other aluminium sheet product, by passing the raw material through machine rollers until it reaches its desired thickness. With 5 bar aluminium plate, or diamond plate, the 5 bar diamond pattern is simply embossed onto the final roller, stamping it into the material as it passes through.

  • Does aluminium checker plate rust?

    Aluminium checker plate does not rust – no aluminium products rust, as they do not contain iron to create iron oxide. It is however possible for aluminium floor plate to corrode if damaged, though it has generally good corrosion resistance.

  • How to polish aluminium checker plates?

    All our aluminium checker plate products come with a mill finish, which would require sanding and buffing before being able to bring the plate to a polished finish. You can use a buffing wheel with a microfibre pad and carefully follow the 5 bar diamond pattern to avoid damage to the surface or to your tools.

  • How to cut aluminium checker plates?

    Aluminium checker plate sheets can be cut using a circular saw, jigsaw, or even a hacksaw if no machine tools are available. Make sure to carefully secure your tread plate with a clamp or vice, and choose the right blade for the job. Aluminium diamond plate is also highly suitable for drilling and other machine working.

  • How to bend or fold aluminium checker plates?

    You can bend or fold aluminium checker plate using a bending brake or a die such as a V-die – however, it is much harder to secure diamond plate effectively it is also easy to damage the diamond pattern – speak to our customer service team if you’d like advice on folding aluminium tread plates.

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