Anodised Aluminium Angles

Anodised aluminium angles are used either externally or internally to hide fixtures, gaps or edges. Anodised aluminium angles offer excellent durability as the anodising process makes them resistant to knocks, scratches or chips as well as offering additional protection against corrosion. Anodised aluminium is a cost effective choice, offering a longer lasting, highly durable product compared to cheaper, untreated aluminium.

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  • Can anodised aluminium be recycled?

    Anodised aluminium can be recycled. In fact, anodising can be seen as a “green” option, as it allows the aluminium to be recycled when painting or other types of coating may not.

  • Can anodised aluminium be painted?

    It is possible to paint anodised aluminium angles and other products, although it will require proper preparation and a specialist primer to avoid chipping and peeling. To achieve a really vibrant coloured aluminium angle may require a number of coats.

  • Can anodised aluminium be polished?

    You can polish anodised aluminium like any other metal, though it must be carefully cleaned and prepared properly first. To achieve a perfectly clean finish, you may need to de-anodise your aluminium angle or trim, but this will remove some of its protective properties.

  • Can anodised aluminium be powder coated?

    It is possible to powder coat anodised aluminium, after cleaning and sanding the surface. This is one way of achieving coloured aluminium angle. Older anodised aluminium may require further preparation, and you may need multiple powder coats to achieve your desired colour.

  • Can anodised aluminium be welded?

    It is not technically possible to weld anodised aluminium. If you need to join anodised aluminium trim you would need to grind away the anodised coating before welding, removing its protective properties.

  • Can anodised aluminium be used outside?

    Anodised aluminium is a great choice for outdoor use due to its increased protection due to the anodised barrier layer, increased corrosion and weather resistance, and overall hard-wearing properties. Anodised aluminium angle is very popular for exterior applications.

  • Can anodised aluminium rust?

    Anodised aluminium does not rust. Aluminium does not contain iron, so it cannot rust. However, it is possible for your anodised aluminium angles to corrode under certain circumstances, usually due to the protective layer being damaged.

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