Unistrut Product Range


What is Unistrut?

Unistrut is the leading metal framing and routing solution to your cable management needs. The extensive Unistrut product range consists of a comprehensive line of channels and fittings in mild steel. The products can be used for a wide range of applications, whilst providing an efficient and economical way of building both temporary and permanent structures. One of the most attractive qualities of the Unistrut range is that it gives the user the ability to attach metal pieces together in a series of combinations and can be disassembled when required to be reused again for a different purpose.

How are Unistrut products used?

Unistrut products are particularly versatile due to the variety of uses they can have in construction or electrical projects. They are predominantly used for helping with lightweight construction within building plans and are not suitable for sturdier construction methods.

Unistrut supply different types of channels for multiple purposes, some made entirely of solid metal and others featuring holes and slots, as well as both horizontal and vertical supports for attaching channels. These tools are used to hold pipes, wiring, and mechanical systems in place and construct supports for mechanical equipment and solar panels. They can also be hung from ceilings to support ventilators and keep pipework secure and can be painted colours like black so they can be easily concealed in rafters.

What Unistrut products do we sell?

At metals4U, we sell an extensive range of Unistrut products to suit a variety of framing and cable management needs. All of which can be found here.

We supply a large selection of channel, including the standard P1000 – a solid, pre Galvanised metal piece with no gaps. These channels come with options of 3m or 6m length.

We also stock a range of Cantilever Arms for reinforcement, including a selection of Slotted Vertical and Back-to-Back Supports, as well as Flat and Angle Fittings for different applications. Unistrut supply a variety of accessories for attaching and routing channels together; check out our supply of Unistrut Spring Channel and Stud Nuts, Concrete Inserts and Beam Clamps for that extra support in your project.

Should you have any questions regarding our Unistrut range please get in contact with our friendly customer service team at