Ore Projects

Metals4U Partner With Ore Projects

 Ore Projects is a mentoring scheme set up by Lauren Wilson and Daniela Rubino. The scheme offers free metal fabrication classes to young adults on free school meals or at risk of NEET. Their aim is to nurture young people's talent by offering support, providing hands-on skills, and building self-esteem. Lauren and Daniela strongly believe that everyone should be given the opportunity to find a career that they enjoy, irrelevant to their background, gender or ethnicity.

 Website is here https://www.oreprojects.com

Lauren Willson, commented: “The mentees learn practical skills in the workshop, including how to weld, polish, and make a pencil tin using our press. We had an idea for the school groups to do a project that they could work on as a team, so we asked them to design a bench. This involved using a CAD, writing a cut list, and assembling furniture. metals4U have provided all the steel for these projects, which is incredible.”

Paul McFadyen, Chairman at metals4U commented on the partnership: “We are excited to support Ore Projects and the work they’re doing to encourage young people into welding, casting and mould making. The skills shortage is making it difficult for employers to meet the rising demand, and we need more talented workers. This project provides young people with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to work in the metal industry. Providing this initiative with the materials they require demonstrates our commitment to supporting developing talent within the metalworking sector.”