Manganese Aluminium

What is 3103 grade Manganese Aluminium?

Manganese is combined with aluminium to improve both its chemical resistance and strength. This process is called intermetallic phases whereby the new alloy has a different crystallographic structure than both aluminium and manganese. Aluminium 3103 is classed as a medium strength aluminium alloy and is considered a commercially pure aluminium despite the addition of manganese. A key benefit of this alloy is the fact it offers superior resistance to atmospheric corrosion, it cannot however be strengthened by heat treatment.

Chemical Composition

Spec: BS EN 573-3:2009

Alloy 3103

Chemical Element            % Present

Manganese (Mn)              0.90 - 1.50

Iron (Fe)               0.0 - 0.70

Copper (Cu)        0.0 - 0.10

Magnesium (Mg)              0.0 - 0.30

Silicon (Si)           0.0 - 0.50

Zinc (Zn)               0.0 - 0.20

Other (Each)       0.0 - 0.05

Others (Total)    0.0 - 0.15

Chromium (Cr)  0.0 - 0.10

Titanium + Zirconium (Ti+Zr)        0.0 - 0.10

Aluminium (Al)  Balance


Physical Property              Value

Density 2.73 g/cm³

Melting Point     655 °C

Thermal Expansion          23.1 x10^-6 /K

Modulus of Elasticity       69.5 GPa

Thermal Conductivity     160 W/m.K

Electrical Resistivity         42 % IACS

Spec: BS EN 485-2:2008

Mechanical Property      Value

Tensile Strength 140 - 180 MPa

Proof Stress        120 Min MPa

Hardness Brinell                45 HB


What is 3103 used for?

This is a versatile grade that combines increased strength with good corrosion resistance and workability. This means that it has a wide variety of uses including storage tanks, heat exchangers, kitchen, and chemical equipment. Commonly, made as a sheet, it is also used in HVAC and transport environments.

Can manganese aluminium be machined or welded?

3103 aluminium alloy is mainly sold in sheet due to its strength, workability, and corrosion resistance.

Workability – Cold: Good

Machinability: Acceptable

Alloy 3103 has very good weldability

Weldability – Gas: Very Good

Weldability – Arc: Very Good

Weldability – Resistance: Good

Brazability: Very Good

Solderability: Very Good


How does 3103 compare to other aluminium grades?

The added manganese to 3103 gives improved strength and mechanical properties over other grades such as 1000 series alloys. The alloy also boasts improved mechanical properties when compared with 1000 series alloys and is up to twenty percent stronger than grade 1100. It also has better mechanical properties over the 1000 series, particularly when used at elevated temperatures.