How to build the ultimate home workshop

(Last modified: November 15th, 2018)

With winter fast approaching and the weather taking a turn for the worse you may have shelved those summer DIY projects. But now’s the perfect time to clear out that garage or shed full of forgotten junk and make room for a great new home workshop.
A shed converted into a home workshop filled with tools
With a few easy renovations, you’ll be well on the way to getting those half-finished projects done in time for Christmas. Here are our top tips and tricks for creating the perfect workshop space at home:

Create a storage area

Choose a dry area to store any wood, metal and other materials you need. Ideally it should be close to an entrance so you don’t have to carry heavy, bulky materials far.

Leave some elbow room

If you’re a little tight on space but still want to install large tools like a mitre saw or a metal vice, make sure you leave enough room each side to cut longer, larger materials down to size.

Keep it well ventilated

It can be tempting to stack your materials and tools high when you create a workshop. But make sure you leave windows and doors free so you’re well ventilated if you create a lot of dust or use toxic sprays and varnishes.

Work with your space

Built-in furniture is a real space saver, fit your bench to a wall if you don’t have much room. Get plenty of shelving in to house any paints, varnishes and raw materials. Magnetic bars are also a great, compact way to store tools.

Quiet down

Soundproofing your workshop is a must if you don’t want to risk becoming the noisy neighbour or annoying the family. Simple tweaks like installing rubber mats to your floor to dampen the noise of dropped items.

Separate your circuits

In the name of health and safety, it’s best to put your lights on one power circuit and the power tool outlets on a separate circuit. That way if you trip the electrics with a power tool, you don’t also knock out the lights.

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