Aluminium Box Sections

Aluminium box sections, often referred to as square tube, are extruded hollow square or rectangular products with a variety of applications, including building works, shelf supports, storage racks, posts and fences, window and door frames. Aluminium square tube is an extremely strong and durable choice, with an incredible strength-to-weight ratio, excellent corrosion resistance, and the option of suitable for anodising, powder coating or polishing for a different finish.

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  • How to join aluminium box sections?

    You can join aluminium box sections by welding them, usually using TIG welding. It is also possible (and much easier) to use plastic tube connectors, which work by simply inserting into the ends of aluminium square tube or other box sections to create frames or longer lengths.

  • How to bend aluminium box sections?

    It is possible to bend aluminium box section, although you may be limited on your bending radius if you want to avoid cracking or other damage. Depending on the size and thickness of your aluminium square tubing, it is possible to bend using a vice and hand tools, or may require more specialist machinery.

  • How to cut aluminium box sections?

    You can cut aluminium box sections using a mitre saw or bandsaw, as long as you have an appropriate blade and have cleaned and prepared the metal surface. It is possible to cut aluminium box tubing with a hacksaw, though this may not have as clean a finish. It is always important to use a clamp or vice to hold your box section securely.

  • How to weld aluminium box sections?

    Welding aluminium box sections is the same as welding any other types of aluminium product. The method that you use (MIG, TIG, Arc) will depend on the size and thickness of your box profile product, and your desired finish and application.

At metals4U we have a wide range of aluminium box sections and aluminium square tube.

If you have any questions about purchasing aluminium box or square tubing, need advice on an upcoming metalwork project, or you’d like to speak to our sales team, get in touch on 01937 534 318.

We offer a variety of aluminium box section sizes, in a range of widths, heights and thicknesses, supplied in grade 6082 for larger sizes and 6063 for smaller dimensions.

You can use our Free Custom Cutting service on a variety of our aluminium box section products and we offer fast, free delivery on orders over £75 across England and Wales.