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Our Mild Steel Threaded Rod is in stock and ready for speedy delivery. Just place your order through our easy to use website, or by calling our dedicated customer services team.

What is Mild Steel Threaded Rod?
Threaded Rod, also referred to as Stud, Studding, All-thread or Threaded Bar, is a long rod or bar that has a screw thread along the full length. Threaded rod is a metal fastener, that is very similar to a bolt or screw, only longer and thicker, and without a head. The rod is the same width across its length, and the thread runs for the entire length. The distance between the grooves of the thread is known as the pitch. The pitch of our threaded rod varies according to size (see below).

Metals4U supply Mild Steel Threaded Rod in either Self Colour or in Bright Zinc Plated (BZP), in a wide range of metric sizes. The “M” designation stands for metric. The number proceeding this is the nominal diameter of the bar in millimetres. Therefore M10 threaded rod has a diameter of 10mm. When buying nuts and washers, ensure that the equivalent sizes are used. So an M10 threaded bar would need M10 washers and nuts.

All our threaded rod as standard is supplied with a right-hand thread.

What can Mild Steel Threaded Rod be used for?
Threaded rod or threaded bar is designed to be used in tension in a wide range of applications. Threaded rod is very strong and durable, and can be subject to high stress and tension. It is used in racking, shelving and other general fabricated jobs. They can be used to fasten two structures together, such as wood or concrete. They are used in a diverse range of applications from furniture making to building construction. They are also used in the internal combustion engine to join the block to the cylinder head.

Metals4U also supplies a wide range ofmetric nuts,washers, andthreaded rod connectors.

Pitch Sizes
The pitch of our Threaded Rod varies according to size. The pitch is the distance between the groves of the screw thread.
M4 0.7
M5 0.8
M6 1.0
M8 1.25
M10 1.5
M12 1.75
M14 2.0
M16 2.0
M20 2.5
M24 3.0
M30 3.5