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What are BZP metric threaded rods and what are they used for?

Threaded rod, also referred to as stud, all-thread or threaded bar, is generally a long rod or bar that is threaded on the full length of the rod.  Our threaded rod is Bright Zinc Plated (BZP) this is the process of covering the threaded rod in a layer of bright zinc for increased durability.

Our BZP mild steel threaded rod is used to fasten two materials together, and is secured with a washer and nut or additional lengths of rod can be added using a threaded rod connector.

Threaded bars can be installed through a drilled hole in wood, concrete, or metal or alternatively can be welded onto metal sheet and plate.

Metric threaded rod can be set into concrete with the end protruding. 

Our range is available in a wide range of diameters from M4, right up to M30.

We stock A2 threaded rodmild steel self colour threaded rod, and A4 threaded rod.

Order your BZP metric threaded rods from metals4U.

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