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What is mild steel tube and what is it used for?

Our steel tube is available in E220 and E235+N grades in a variety of sizes and options and is supplied in mill finish.

Steel tube is easy to cut, drill, and weld, and has excellent machinability properties.

Our E220 steel tube stock is available in lengths up to 6m and has excellent welding and machining properties, this product  is suitable to be used to make frames, furniture, and in general fabrications. It can be painted or galvanised after fabrication to increase corrosion resistance. Most of the sizes listed are electrically resistance welded (ERW) where the steel tube is continuously seam welded to produce a clean weld running the full length and is of good structural integrity, this does mean that the weld bead projects slightly into the inside diameter of the tube. If you require a smooth bore then seamless tube would be more suitable.

The E235+N hydraulic tube is  produced to EN 10305 - 4 : 2003 and are seamless cold drawn tubes for hydraulic and pneumatic power systems and are recommended for precision applications. This presentation of steel pipe has excellent machinability, weldability, and formability properties.

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