BS4 T45 Steel Tube / Pipe

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What is BS4 T45 mild steel tube and what is it used for?

BS4 T45 is also referred to as T45 (+A2) piping or pole and was initially designed for use in the construction of World War II planes such as Spitfires and Hurricanes; it is now used in a wide range of aeronautical and motorsport applications.

BS4 T45 is a steel manganese tube will withstand high G forces and impact without splitting or snapping and has a reduced possibility of deforming on impact; this considerably reduces the dangers of protective structures crushing or trapping the driver or passengers in the event of a crash. These properties makes it the obvious choice of tubing material to use for the construction of motorsport roll cages, armoured vehicles, defence, chassis construction, aerospace designs, and aeronautical projects as it has a high tensile strength of Rm 700/900 MPa. As it is considerably stronger than other mild steel tube it is possible to use a thinner walled product to reduce weight while maintaining strength and torsional rigidity- All our BS4 T45 Tube is aerospace quality and conforms to the latest +A2 standards in addition to BS6S100 and BS5T100.

Our stock is supplied to us with mill certificates, guarantee of authenticity, and is also fully MSA and FIA approved. It is also EDDY current tested; this procedure of electromagnetic induction detects subsurface and surface flaws prior to delivery to us to ensure we only buy and supply stock of the highest integrity.
T45 does not require heat treatment before or after welding and forming which makes it easy to use in the workshop.

Order your BS4 T45 mild steel tube from metals4U.

We offer a custom length cutting service at no additional cost- only order what you need.