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Purchasing Black Mild Steel Square Bar from metals4U is simple. Just place your order via our easy to use website, or call our dedicated customer services team on 01937 534318.

metals4U can offer Black Mild Steel Square Bar in different sizes ranging from 40mm to 1000mm in grade S275. Our Black Mild Steel Square Bar is available in standard lengths up to 6 meters, as well as custom sizes to meet your individual requirements. Simply “Click here to choose sizes and buy,” enter your required length in the Custom Size boxes, select your desired quantity, and “Add to basket”. You can also purchase these by giving our friendly sales team a call on 01937 534318.

All our mild steel black square bars are in stock and ready for speedy delivery.

What is black mild steel square bar?
A versatile and cost-effective material, mild steel is found everywhere. It is often known as Black Mild Steel, (to differentiate it from Bright Mild Steel, which has received further processing during manufacturing). It is relatively cheap to buy so is a popular choice for most fabrications that require strength and durability.

Mild Steel is an alloy of iron and carbon. The proportion of carbon contained has a considerable influence on the properties of the metal. The carbon content can vary from anywhere between 0.08% to 0.3%. Mild Steel is often known as low carbon steel, and is stiff, strong and durable. Although it has a low resistance to corrosion and become subject to rust, mild steel can easily be painted or primed to protect it from rust. We also stock a fully comprehensive range ofmetal paintsto complete your project.

What is black mild steel square bar used for?
Black mild steel is used for general work, often requiring welding, where precise manufacturing tolerances are not required. Because the manufacturing process is quick, it is a very cost effective material.

How can I work with mild steel square bar?
More information about working with mild steel is available in our Technical Section, on theWhat is Mild Steelpage.

How is mild steel square bar manufactured?
Black mild steel square bars are produced by heating and rolling in the mill. The heated metal is passed through a series of rollers to give it the desired shape and dimensions.

For material with a tighter manufacturing tolerance, and better machining properties, tryBright Mild Steel Squaresupplied by metals4U.