Perforated Mild Steel Sheet

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Purchasing Perforated Mild Steel Sheet from metal4U is easy. Simply place the order via our website, or call our dedicated customer service team on the phone number at the top of the screen

What is Perforated Mild Steel Sheet?
Quite simply, mild steel sheet that is perforated with holes. Our Perforated Mild Steel Sheet comes with holes that have a 6mm diameter. The pitch, which refers to the distance between two holes, is either 8.5mm or 10mm. Our sheets are also available in thicknesses ranging from 1mm to 2mm thick.

What is Perforated Mild Steel Sheet used for?
Perforated Mild Steel Sheet has been used in many different applications including ceiling tiles, cladding, lamps, balustrade infill, shelving, and seating. It has also been used in decorative and architectural applications, as well as in the theatre. In the agriculture and recycling industry it is used for the sorting and filtering of materials.

What are the advantages of Perforated Mild Steel Sheet?
- High strength
- Good to form into three-dimensional shapes
- Increased aircirculation
- Sound Attenuation
- Weight reduction

How can I work with Perforated Mild Steel Sheet?
Mild steel is easy to drill, cut, form or weld. Perforated Mild Steel Sheet can be cut with an angle grinder and metal cutting disc.