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What is corrugated mild steel roofing sheet and what is it used for?

Corrugated sheet metal is manufactured by stretching sheet metal and then rolling through a rolling die to produce a linear, wavy pattern of peaks and troughs; these are laid next to each other with an overlap for waterproofing roofs mainly on outbuildings, barns, industrial storage, agricultural applications, and commercial buildings where aesthetic is less important, but waterproofing is important. In more recent years, corrugated roof sheet has been used for dramatic effect as cladding in bars and clubs to add an industrial or gritty urban feel.

This form of wavy profile metal plate or sheet is also often called roofing cladding within the building trade; they are often installed with an overlap of one and a half corrugations to make them waterproof and our corrugated steel roofing sheets are galvanised for increased protection and resistance to corrosion.

The benefits of using corrugated steel sheet for your projects;
- Highly robust
- Lightweight
- Resistant to weather and corrosion
- Excellent protective qualities
- Easy to install

Finishing your corrugated roof sheets.

Corrugated Steel roofing sheets are galvanised to provide a surface which is highly resistant to corrosion so further painting or other surface treatment is not necessary to provide additional protection. However, for aesthetic purposes, galvanised products can be painted or powder-coated if desired.

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