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What is mild steel reinforcing bar / rebar and what is it used for?

Rebar is also commonly called reinforcing bar and is high tensile steel rods used to strengthen and reinforce concrete slabs and structures.

Concrete is strong in compression but is relatively weak when under tension; When steel rebar is set into concrete during the pouring process it greatly enhances the tensile strength.

Our Reinforcing bar is available in various sizes ranging from 8mm to 24mm in diameter and is available in standard 3 or 6 metre lengths, or we can custom cut to your specific requirements.

The grade of reinforcing bar we supply is grade B500B to BS4449: 2005. Rebar has excellent weldability, however, slight differences in the coefficient of thermal expansion between the bars and the concrete can lead to cracking under extreme temperature variations; it is more usual to hold the rebars in place with loop end tying wires, or plastic spacers .

We also supply rebar manufactured from stainless steel which has higher corrosion resistant properties so is widely used in structures liable to salt water exposure, such as piers and docks, or where salt is often spread or used such as road bridges. For most construction projects mild steel rebar is the most suitable. If you are unsure which grade of steel would be most appropriate for your construction project we would suggest consulting a qualified structural professional for advice before placing your order.

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