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Self Colour Open Steel Flooring

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Self Colour Open Steel Flooring is one of many names attributed to this product. Steel Mesh Flooring, Walkway Mesh Flooring, Open Mesh Steel Flooring and Galvanized Mesh Flooring are some more of the terms used for this item.

The benefits of self colour steel are that you can more easily customise it to suit the needs of your site, as it can be readily cut or welded. That said it does not come with a corrosion resistance coating like the galvanised would. If you don’t need to fabricate the material, you may want to check out our range of galvanised walkway. Though you can readily coat the self colour material once you have finished making your adjustments.

The fabrication and wide range of uses make it a dependable and enduring solution for external and internal projects.

This sheet is created using a welded combination of transverse bars and bearer bars.
The main load carry capacity is ruled by the dimensions of the bearer bars. These are typically 20mm up to 60mm deep with the thickness being either 3 or 5mm. This measurement appears first on our website.

Total load carrying capacity is based on spacing of the bearer bars. The bars are spaced at 41mm on our sheets.
The transverse bar clamps the mesh together. Commonly this bar is 5mm in diameter and has a length of 100mm in our product range.

To summarise an example of our flooring is listed as follows. 40 (depth of bearer bar) x 5 (width of bearer bar) 41 (spacing of bearer bar) / 100 (spacing of transverse bar). This information would then be shortened to look like this 40 x 5 41/100.