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Galvanised Open Steel Flooring Mild

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Galvanised Open Steel Flooring is known by a variety of different names. These include Galvanized Mesh Flooring, Steel Mesh Flooring, Walkway Mesh Flooring and Open Mesh Steel Flooring.

The benefits of galvanised steel are that its protective coating offers good corrosion resistance to protect it from the elements. This coating though does prevent the material from being welded as it would give off noxious fumes. If you do need to weld on your project we also offer this product in a self colour finish.

The way the product is manufactured along with its flexibility of use make it a great option for both indoor and outdoor projects.

Our flooring is a welded combination of bearer bars and transverse bars. The main load carry capacity is based on the bearer bars. Traditionally the bars range between 20mm to 60mm in depth and their thickness is 3 to 5mm. On our site this measurement is listed at the beginning.

Total load carrying capacities are governed by the spacing of these bearer bars. The spacing of our bars is 41mm

The transverse bar holds the mesh together. Typically this bar is 5mm in diameter and has a length of 100mm on our sheets.
To summarise please see an example of how we list this flooring. 30 (depth of bearer bar) x 5 (width of bearer bar) 41 (spacing of bearer bar) / 100 (spacing of transverse bar). This would then be shortened to 30 x 5 41/100.