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Galvanised Sheet

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Purchasing Galvanised Steel Sheeting from metals4U couldn't be easier. Place your order via our website, or by calling our dedicated customer services team.
Metals4U can offer Galvanised Sheet Steel in different thicknesses ranging from 1mm to 3mm. We supply galvanised sheets in a variety of standard sizes from 500mm x 500mm right up to 2500mm x 1250mm. All our Galvanised Steel Sheets are available in standard sizes as well as custom sizes to meet your individual requirements. Simply Click to choose sizes and buy, enter your required length and width in the Custom Size boxes, select your desired quantity, and Add to basket". You can also purchase these by giving our friendly sales team a call on 01937 534318.
All our sheet materials are in stock and ready for speedy delivery.

What is Galvanised Sheet?
Galvanised sheet steel is a robust and resilient sheet steel, which has a high resistance to weathering and corrosion. Coated with a layer of zinc, it provides a durable protective surface, which lasts for a long time.

What is Galvanised Sheet used for?
Galvanised Steel Sheets are used for a variety of uses including furniture, car bodies and chassis to improve longevity, galvanised baths and buckets, fencing and roofing, and much more as they are ideal for covering large areas and have good protective qualities.

How can I work with Galvanised Sheet?
Galvanised products can be machined and drilled. However this can remove the galvanised coating from around the area being drilled or cut. It is a good idea to treat any machined areas withGalvanised Aerosol Paint, which is also available from metals4U. More information about working with galvanised products is available in our Technical Section, on theWhat is Mild Steel

- Durable
- Good corrosion resistance
- Strong
- Cost effective
- Usable in both outdoors and indoors

Painting of galvanised sheets is not necessary to provide additional protection. However for aesthetic purposes, galvanised products can be painted or powder-coated if desired. If you want to paint your galvanised sheet steel, we would recommend using a Direct to Galvanised Metal paint, which is available via ourHammerite Paints section.

How is galvanised sheet manufactured?
Galvanised Steel Sheets are made from durable, strong mild steel sheets, which are are hot-dipped into a bath of molten zinc at around 450 degrees celsius. The zinc adheres to the steel providing a protective layer on both sides of the sheet. This gives the sheets much better corrosion resistance than untreated steel and allows them to have much better durability against the elements, when compared with untreated mild steel sheet. This coating can deteriorate over time. The zinc provides protection by corroding before the steel underneath corrodes. Galvanised products can often be identified by a distinctive spangle pattern on the surface.

For a light-weight alternative, consider ouraluminium sheetwhich has excellent resistance to atmospheric corrosion. Or our strongstainless steel sheet, which is supplied in different finishes and grades to suit your individual needs