Brass Glass Clamps, Brass Glass Brackets

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What are brass handrail glass clamps and what are they used for?

These clamps are used to hold glass in place to create protective infill panels on stairs, balconies, and mezzanine floors, or as a security or sneeze barrier between staff and customers in ticket office or cashier stalls type environments.  

We offer clamps to suit 6mm and 10mm thickness of glass, with various designs to suit your requirements. These include flat based components and fittings that can be mounted on our 38mm and 51mm brass handrail tube.

All these products are supplied with a bright polished finish; this highly reflective finish enables them to blend in seamlessly with our entire brass handrail fittings range.

Order your brass handrail glass clamps from metals4U.

Immediate dispatch and fast delivery available; we also provide a next day delivery option- call our customer services advisors for help and advice on our delivery options.