Anodised Aluminium Wall Board Sections

Anodised aluminium wallboard sections are a range of trims, runs, corners and other aluminium profiles available in a range of sizes, with an anodised finish for greater protection and a cleaner aesthetic. Aluminium wallboard profiles are used for joining or edging wallboards and sheets, such as for internal office partitions, and are particularly suitable for outdoor applications due to their increased protection and corrosion resistance.

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  • What types of anodised aluminium wallboard sections are there?

    We offer anodised aluminium sections as joiners, end stops, internal and external corners, trims and continual runs to suit whatever wallboard configuration you need.

  • Which aluminium wallboard section finish is better?

    The anodised aluminium wallboard sections have a more aesthetically pleasing “shiny” finish and offer greater protection, durability and corrosion resistance, but are more difficult to work with than mill finish, which is suitable for welding, working or forming.

We stock a range of anodised aluminium sections with fast, free delivery on orders over £85 across England and Wales.

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