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We stock a comprehensive range of metal fixtures, fasteners, and metal fittings manufactured from a wide range of materials and metal grades. Our range includes door furniture, fasteners, and tube clamps.

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  1. Zinc & Yellow Steel Washers M12
  2. Zinc & Yellow Steel Washers M6
  3. Zinc & Yellow Steel Washers M8
  4. Zinc & Yellow Steel Washers M5
  5. Zinc & Yellow Steel Washers M10
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What are metal fixtures, metal fittings, and fasteners and what are they used for?

Our metal fixtures, metal fittings, and fasteners range offers all you need to need to complete all types of fabrication application.

Our wide range of products includes kick plates and push plate door furniture, tube clamps in a wide range of sizes and configurations, and a huge range of metal fasteners such as stainless-steel screws, tek-screws, through bolts, washers, woodscrews, ankerbolts, and much more.

If you are uncertain which type of fixture or fitting would be best for your project, please call our customer service advisors for product advice.

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