Student Sculptors Competition

Calling all Student Sculptors...

Student Sculptors Competition

Entries are now closed for our fourth metals4U Student Sculptors Competition.

Winner to be announced on Monday 13th April 2020

Are you an enthusiastic sculptor? Or maybe you have always fancied being creative with metal but have never had the opportunity to have a go?

Are you an enthusiastic sculptor? Or maybe you have always fancied being creative with metal but have never had the opportunity to have a go?
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The grand prize

metals4U are giving aspiring sculptors the opportunity to win a place on Brian Fell’s Midsummer Metal Sculpture Course at Yorkshire Sculpture Park on the 20th and 21st June 2020 with travel and 2 nights accommodation included.

One winner will get expert advice and guidance over the 2-day course from Brian Fell, Owen Cunningham, and George Fell in the fully equipped metalwork shop set within the inspiring landscape of Yorkshire Sculpture Park. The course will give you access to specialist equipment and tools, plus plenty of materials to enable you to create your next showstopper and at the end of the course you will be presented with your winner’s trophy to celebrate your achievement.

Everything you need to make the weekend a success is provided for you; all you need to bring is your enthusiasm!

How to enter.

You must be a student over the age of 18 to enter the competition but it does not matter if you are a full-time or part time student, it doesn't even matter what you are studying. 

How to enter; Simply send us an email using the ‘enter now’ link below and include 

  • A picture of your latest piece, or a plan for a piece you would like to make

  •  A short paragraph telling us more about your creative idea

  • The name of the institution you are studying at

  • A little bit about yourself and what you would like to learn if you won a place on the course

  • Submit your entry before 23:59 hrs on 29th March 2020


Entry is now open and completely free- the winner will be announced on Monday 13th April 2020.

Read our full terms and conditions here

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Who is Brian Fell?

'All Hands' © Brian Fell

Brian Fell has worked creatively with steel for over 35 years which has earned him his place as one of the UK’s top metalworking artists.Brian favours cold forging techniques that juxtapose the intricacy of his work with the punishing physical effort required for cold working steel; his large public art pieces create stunning focal points in towns and cities throughout the UK depicting themes and symbolism that are relevant and important to the communities in which they are placed. For example, the Morecambe Bay Tern Project has sculptures of birds native to the area at several locations throughout the town which are beautifully worked in both galvanised, and painted, steel. Sheffield Cathedral is home to his awe inspiring tableau of the Nativity which shows the exquisite detailing possible when working with cut and welded steel.

One of our favourites here at metals4U is his ‘All Hands’ sculpture that is situated above the culverted canal in Cardiff that used to transport coal to the nearby docks- this amazing piece stands over 2 metres tall.

The competition winner will be able to see Brian’s HaHa pedestrian footbridge that is located at Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

The course will also be delivered by Brian’s studio assistant, George Fell and fellow metal sculptor Owen Cunningham. George is a steel sculptor with many years’ experience of creating animal sculptures and decorative gates and railings for both public and private commissions.

Past winners


metals4U Managing Director Paul McFadyen, Brian Fell, George Fell, Cameron Lings, Owen Cunningham
Student Sculptors Competition 2



Cameron Lings, our 2019 winner, first entered the competition in 2018, but was not successful on that occasion, however, by persevering he wowed the judges with his piece ‘Turbine’ to secure himself a well-deserved place on Brian fell’s Midsummer Sculpture Course.


Turbine © Cameron Lings 2019


Cameron was in his second year of his ‘BA (Hons) Fine Art’ at Teesside University’s MIMA School of Art when he attended the course with Brian Fell at Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

Over the weekend, Cameron produced an amazing piece titled ‘Cell’. Cameron explained that ‘Cell’ depicts the ability of engineered objects to store energy to release in the future. The energy is seen to be free flowing yet confined at present to the confines of its source within the cube; this can be related to the potential of creative expression within an individual waiting to be released to the world.


Student Sculptors Competition 4

Cell © Cameron Lings 2019


To read more about Cameron’s fantastic work, follow the link here



2018's winner was Matthew Mason - he really impressed the judges with his ‘stretched’ steel sculpture. Matthew’s ingenious design convinces the viewer that the steel is under such tension that the buttons will just burst apart at any moment.

Student Sculptor Competition 2018 winning entry.


Jessica Smith won our first Student Sculptors Competition with her entry titled, ‘Sticks and Tape’.

Before entering the competition, Jessica had never been in a metal work shop, nor had she ever used metal as part of her Fine Art degree, however, she didn’t let that stop her entering the competition, and completing the course with enthusiasm.

Jessica really enjoyed the whole experience and has since gone on to have her work included in several exhibitions - to find out more about Jessica’s sculpture journey, you can read all about it here

Jessica’s winning entry

How to enter

It doesn’t matter if you are a full-time university student or attending evening classes- we want to see what you can do.
Simply email a photograph of your latest piece, or a plan for a piece you would like to make, and a short paragraph to tell us more about your creative idea and your studies

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