CZ130 Brass

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Brass is an alloy that is composed of Copper and Zinc. Different grades of Brass will also contain elements of other alloys that will provide different properties. Brass has a high tensile strength, high corrosion resistance and is suitable to be hot forged.

Brass is separated into two types of class. Alpha alloys contain less than 37% Zinc in them, are ductile and can be cold worked. Alpha/beta alloys contain 37-45% Zinc and are both harder and stronger but are less cold ductility.

CZ130 is an alpha/beta alloy also known as a duplex alloy. It is an alloy that is easily machined with a rating or 90 and is normally used in sections.

The hot working rating for CZ130 is classed as excellent and it can be formed into complex profiles when using hot extrusion. This alloy is also rated as poor to fair for cold working.

CZ130 Brass alloy has good corrosion resistance in most environments.


Chemical Composition of CZ130

  Cu Pb Al Zn
Min 55 1.6 0.05  
Max 57 3.0 0.5 Remaining



Welding CZ130

CZ130 Brass has excellent suitability to soldering and brazing. It has good suitability to friction welding, while resistance welding is only fair. Both oxyacetylene welding and gas shielded arc welding methods are not recommended with this alloy.


Mechanical Properties of CZ130

Grade Tensile Strength (MPa) Proof Stress 0.2% (MPa) Hardness Vickers Rating Elongation %
1050A 350-420 150-220 100-130 30-20


Physical Properties of CZ130

Density Melting Point Thermal Conductivity
8.44 g/cm3 890 °C 109 W/m.K