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Stainless steel bars or Stainless steel rods are used in various applications particularly in the construction industry as they are resistant to tarnishing and rust, long lasting and durable. The stainless steel bars and rods are available in various sizes ranging from 3mm to 76.2mm, we are also able to provide a cutting service to meet your individual requirements.

This stainless steel bar or stainless steel rods are stocked in 3 grades to suit different uses and specifications.

303 - has good corrosion resistance, free machining, not suitable for welding or forming.
304 - has good corrosion resistance, suitable for forming and welding, average machining.
316 - Is our highest grade and has excellent corrosion resistance, is suitable for forming and welding, but is a little harder to machine.

Buy stainless steel bars or stainless steel rods online from Metals4u or Phone 01937 534318, huge stock available for a quick delivery.

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Round Reviews

  • Round

    Reviewed by Malcolm on 15/01/2015.

    Terrific quality and delivery

    Bought various lengths and I was both surprised and pleased when they arrived the following morning. The quality of the rods was among the best I have ever used and this has been by far the best experience with a metal supplier so far.

  • Round

    Reviewed by Jamie on 12/12/2014.

    Rocking on

    I play the drums in a band and we tour around the local clubs a lot. Anyway the stand on my kit was getting a bit rusty and used which is not the look I was really going for. I looked online and saw the scale of the products these guys supply, I sent them an email and they got back to me with a quote within the hour, four days later I had all my lengths replaced on my drum kit and can confidently say it looks better than ever. Thanks guys!

  • Round

    Reviewed by Charles on 26/11/2014.

    Helped a lot

    I'm forever doing little DIY jobs around the house and always finding things that could do with improving, this time it was the inside of the shelves in the kitchen, I needed a small piece to go across the length of this and make sure it keeps all of the plates in stock, have to say this did the job brilliantly and now I have seen the quality they supply I will certainly be buying from here again in the future

  • Round

    Reviewed by Violet on 02/10/2014.

    Used on plants

    Bought some bits of this to help my plants grow straight. Works well and the look compliments the plants.

  • Round

    Reviewed by Josh Roberts on 16/05/2014.

    used on my boat!

    really happy boat looks great!

  • Round

    Reviewed by Liam on 16/05/2014.

    Good Knowledge

    I am working on a prototype project i needed to machine the 7/8" down to around 21.5mm and then weld them together. Naturally i wanted to use 303 for the machining but Metals4u said i should avoid welding 303 if i could. I looked into this and they were right so the machining part was harder but the welding was much more straightforward. Thanks for the info.

  • Round

    Reviewed by Frank on 15/05/2014.

    303 = machining grade!

    I needed some 7mm Stainless round bar for a job and after looking everywhere the best advice was to get a large diameter and machine it down. Metals4u informed me that 303 has a bit of lead in and so is the best for turning. I got 8mm and it worked a treat.

  • Round

    Reviewed by Sally on 14/05/2014.

    Fun holiday project

    I used some of the 5mm round bar to make a wind chime with my daughter. Nice material and we had great fun making it.

  • Round

    Reviewed by Jon on 10/05/2014.

    Nothing short of brilliant.

    Used on my stair case banister and have no complaints. Their polishing kit is also worth every penny!

  • Round

    Reviewed by Tom on 07/05/2014.

    Wide variety

    Good to see a company have both imperial and metric sizes available.

    Good service.

  • Round

    Reviewed by Joe on 27/04/2014.

    Thumbs up

    Bought some 316 grade for an outdoor pull up bar. The corrosion resistance is brilliant.

  • Round

    Reviewed by Sarah on 31/03/2014.

    I required some stainless rods to fix my gate which is near the coastal environment. I was unsure what 303 304 and 316 meant until I spoke to the Metals4u team. They advised me that 316 was the marine grade which I required.

    Thanks for the help it looks fab

  • Round

    Reviewed by leroy. on 11/02/2014.

    Boat appliance.

    Fitted this on to my boat, looks great and will last me a very long time.

  • Round

    Reviewed by zoe on 19/01/2014.

    great co-operation

    Had no idea what i required until i spoke to the Metals4u team who described what was what and adivsed what would be best.

    They helped me effortlessly and delivered next day.

  • Round

    Reviewed by laura on 19/01/2014.

    packaged great.

    The service I received from order to delivery was fantastic.

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Round Questions

  • Question by Robin Poole on 05/06/2016.

    Buzz the wire game


    I'm making a buzz the wire game and need approx 3 metres of a wire that will conduct electricity and that I can bend into shape but will hold its shape well and not 'wobble' too much! I would prefer something silver/grey coloured. I have tried copper brake pipe but its a bit too flexible and wobbly! Would the 3mm stainless steel do the trick or any other suggestions? Many thanks


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  • Question by Martin Hughes on 09/09/2016.

    Stainless steel for garden use

    I'm looking for round stainless steel 6 mm and 9 mm diameter for use in the garden, so which grade gives the best protection against the weather ? Many thanks for your time, Martin.

    • Answer by Robert irvine (Mechanical engineer 35 years) on 02/02/2017

      Use grade 316.
      Some shopping centres etc had their glass fittings made cheap from 303/304. You will spot these a mile away. They are pitted.
      316 is used in the marine industry as it last very well. Polishes brilliantly.
      For best result give a wipe once a year with a lightly oiled rag.

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