Who Buys Metal Online From Us? > Hobbyists and DIY Enthusiasts

Have you got a home project that needs some metal or plastics and don’t want to have to drive around tracking down a source – or order in bulk from a stockyard?

Think that your hobbyist catalogue or store charges over the odds? Have a look at Metals4u range – we will deliver any order size to any address; with a vast range of materials, gauges and sizes on offer we think it’s likely we’ll have what you’re looking for and, if we haven’t, let us know and we’ll try and remedy that.

And don’t forget – we only do metals and plastics so we’re specialists in what we do. The trade comes direct to us for good reason – we know what we sell inside out.

Just a few of the hobbies and DIY projects we’ll be able to help with:

  • Model train making
  • Model boats and watercraft
  • Model planes and aircraft
  • Clock and watchmaking
  • Furniture Making
  • Cable Management Projects
  • Partition Screen Feet


  • Pro-quality tools & power tools
  • Our customers love us - Trust pilot independent reviews
  • Metal sheets cut to size
  • universl beams, RSJ's and I-beans
  • nuts, bolts, screws and other fasteners
  • metals4u polishing service and pre-polished metal products
  • Cycle stands - steel and stainless steel - root fixed and surface mounted

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