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Buy welding rods, welding electrodes and other welding consumables online from metals4U or alternatively call our customer service team on 01937 534318.

We Stock welding rods for all applications. From standard 6013 mild steel electrodes for welding mild steel to mild steel in pack sizes from small packs containing 9 rods for a one-off project to commercial packs of 5Kg in weight, to Filarc 56S welding electrodes designed for welding high strength CDS tube. We even have small packs of welding rods cast iron, ideal for repairing cylinder heads, engine blocks or casting defects for We have electrodes for welding Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium, brass and copper, and specialist alloys both to themselves and to dissimilar metals. In our technical resources the in depth guides list the different grades of rods suitable for each metal type. We also have guides on how to Arc weld, Mig Weld and Oxy Acetylene Weld.
Welding rods should be kept dry and should be stored in their unopened original packaging until required, then the correct manufacturers procedure should be followed, different grades of welding rods require different storage solutions. We supply a range of drying and storage ovens both static and portable. Please contact our customer service department if you require specific advice.

We are Distributors for Murex, Weldability Siff and GYS Welding Products. Murex are the market leading manufacturer of arc and gas welding rods electrodes and cutting equipment, welding consumables and accessories. Weldability are a widely respected manufacturer established in 1925, their products offer great value and consistent results. GYS Have been manufacturing in France since 1964 and have won many awards for their equipment.

  • Rods and Electrodes

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    Minipaks r the best.

    I only need 6 per time. This site is good as I can buy nicely sized packs which is good for 2-3 jobs.

  • Rods and Electrodes

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    Reliable supplier

    I have ordered all types of welding rods for a couple of months and find them to be very quick and reliable. They usually arrive within two days and call you to let you know if there are any delays. The rods are great to work with and I would recommend them to anyone.

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