Tube Clamps & Pipe Clamps

Tube Clamps & Pipe Clamps
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Tube Clamps or Railing and Pipe Clamps as they're also known are enjoying a fresh lease of life thanks to their versatility, simplicity and stylish look.

Originally Tube and Pipe Clamps, were created as handrail fittings. One reason for their recent popularity is that designers and furniture designers are increasingly looking to create spaces and objects with a look and finish.

You're now just as likely to see tube clamps in industrial applications such as warehouses and office buildings, as in homes and retail outlets.

No welding, no messing, no limits.

Tube clamps are durable and easy to install. No special tools or skills are needed, joining the tubes and fittings together is just a case of tightening a couple of grub screws with an Allen Key. There's also no need for onsite welding or threaded tubes. Tube and Pipe clamps have dozens of types and thousands of uses.

With four different tube sizes and a huge range of types available, including Hex Key & Allen Key types, Tube Clamps can be used for applications as broad as safety barriers, handrails, furniture, warehouse racks and shelves, displays and exhibition stands.

They're available in sizes B to E, which range from 33.9mm to 60.3mm in diameter. These are all hot dipped galvanised steel and particularly suitable for bigger structures.

If you require a handrail designed specially to meet the requirements of the Building Regulations Part M, British Standard BS 8300 and the Disability Discrimination Act, we recommend the size C DDA handrail.

We have a huge range of stock, all ready for a speedy delivery. Please call our Friendly customer services team on 01937 534318 to discuss our huge range or with any questions you may have.

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Tube Clamps & Pipe Clamps Reviews

  • Tube Clamps & Pipe Clamps

    Reviewed by John W on 03/03/2017.

    Top Quality

    my order of size A tube clamps to make some shelves was delivered the next day, the clamps are very good quality and the shelves look great.

  • Tube Clamps & Pipe Clamps

    Reviewed by Bob H on 17/10/2016.


    next day delivery and the cheapest i could find, looks like a top quality clamp aswell.

  • Tube Clamps & Pipe Clamps

    Reviewed by Alice Letterman on 17/10/2016.

    very good product

    I wanted some shelves in my kitchen, th etube clamps i was supplied with gave me an excellent industrial chic look.

  • Tube Clamps & Pipe Clamps

    Reviewed by Jon on 11/09/2016.

    Quick delivery

    I ordered a large quantity for a shop fitting project, my clamps arrived the next day, excellent service

  • Tube Clamps & Pipe Clamps

    Reviewed by Bryan on 02/01/2015.


    Repairing some damage to the handrail outside our community centre. Very quick arrival and the staff were also helpful in making sure i was definitely ordering the right piece.

  • Tube Clamps & Pipe Clamps

    Reviewed by Fred Latham on 12/12/2014.

    DIY job help

    Me and my brother do a lot of work for our parents home now that my dad is getting a bit older, the latest job was to install a handrail on the stairs up to the back door making it easier for them to get up and down and I had absolutely no idea where to start, luckily for us the amount of choice these guys had made tracking down all of the products in one place easy. Can't stress enough how helpful you were throughout our order.

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Tube Clamps & Pipe Clamps Questions

  • Question by Mark on 12/12/2016.

    Angled Q clamps

    I was wondering if there was such a product available as a tee Q clamp where the straight bottom section could be bent to 36deg. In order to produce a 10 sided structure.

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