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What are auto darkening welding safety helmets and what are they used for?

Auto darkening welding helmets are part of our welding safety range. These helmets have a self-dimming lens built into the helmet which provides clear vision when not welding and which darkens when the arc sensor detects the light from the arc.

These helmets are popular with welders that need to do lots of welds as they allow the freedom to perform multiple welds without needing to keep flipping up the filter lens or removing the helmet each time an unfiltered view is required. These are fully automatic to ensure that they always provide a darkened view right when you need it most so there is no need to worry about forgetting to switch it on.

Auto darkening helmets are suitable for use when cutting and grinding, plasma cutting and welding, TIG, stick, MIG/MAG, and Oxy/Fuel welding and cutting operations.

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