Gas Economisers For Welding

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What is a MIG welding gas economiser and what is it used for?

Gas economisers for welding are a great solution to reducing the amount of shielding gas used when MIG welding without compromising the aesthetic or strength of the weld.

Gas economisers can reduce the loss of shielding gas by up to 50% when used in conjunction with a flow meter and multi-stage regulator.

At the end of each weld cycle the solenoid valve on the welder closes, as the regulator is still on and delivering gas, pressure builds between the valve and the regulator; when the next weld cycle is started this pressure is released as a surge of built up gas- this gas is wasted.

Gas economisers work by reducing this wasteful surge while maintaining good gas coverage. The cost of the device will soon be offset by the savings on welding gases.


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