Unbreakable Mirrors

Unbreakable Mirrors
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An Unbreakable Mirror is a high quality Grade 430 Stainless Sheet that gives the same standard of reflection as glass, but will not crack or shatter. They can be fixed to wall using glue or screws. The Mirrors are 0.7mm thick. They can also be cut to size as a custom order. You can send us your size requirements here

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Unbreakable Mirrors Reviews

  • Unbreakable Mirrors

    Reviewed by Angelica on 20/02/2015.

    Peace of mind

    Needed a mirror for our hall and I was quite concerned the kids might accidentally smash this whilst running about and hurt themselves, safe to say this is no longer a worry thanks to this product they can bang into it all they want and it will not break!

  • Unbreakable Mirrors

    Reviewed by John Scott on 06/02/2014.

    Unbreakable Mirrors

    I own a pub in Manchester and I got tired of the mirrors in the toilets getting smashed on a rowdy Friday night. I bought two of these unbreakable mirrors and cut them to the exact size as the old glass ones. turned out to be a great alternative and saved me a lot of money in replacements.

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