Grade 304 Stainless Steel Pipe

Grade 304
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Buy 304 Stainless Steel Pipes in a wide variety of sizes online from metals4U or Phone 01937 534318, huge stock available for a quick delivery. We can offer the pipe in custom cut pieces, standard cut pieces or full lengths.
Stainless Steel Pipe sizes bear little resemblance to the actual dimensions. They are shown as Nominal Bore (NB) in inches (this is not the actual dimension) and a schedule which relates to the wall thickness. We also list the metric dimensions to further prevent confusion. However if you do have a query on a size please let us know and we would be pleased to offer assistance.
304 is the standard commercial grade for stainless steel pipe, it provides good corrosion resistance and good machinability. Elbow fittings are available for the majority of our pipes. We can also supply grade 316 pipe for use in marine and coastal applications.

  • Grade 304

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    Sales team were a big help

    I needed a length of pipe that was 30mm on the inside. I am a total novice when it comes to metal. I called them and the sales chap explained that pipe is sold on the inside and that you get that by doubling the wall thickness and taking it off the outside measurement. The material was just what I needed and should I need anymore metal I'll be ordering from these gents.

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