Stainless Steel Flat Bar

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Available in 2 grades.

304 Has good corrosion resistance, is suitable for forming and welding, this grade has an average machining difficulty.

316 Has excellent corrosion resistance, is suitable for
forming and welding, yet is harder to machine.

It is supplied mill finish. For decorative purposes see our range of POLISHED STAINLESS STEEL

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  • Flat

    Reviewed by on .

    So efficient

    Ordered 6 lengths of various sizes for a job in Gloucester. Received a dispatch notice with a VAT invoice that evening to let me know the goods would be arriving next day. They arrived well packed and the material was of a good quality. Mightily impressed.

  • Flat

    Reviewed by on .

    Brilliant for small projects

    I needed a few short pieces of 20mm, 25 and 30mm. Here I was able to buy almost to the exact length I needed whereas at other places I would have had to buy the full lengths of each. Was also pleased with the quick delivery.

  • Flat

    Reviewed by on .

    To my exact requirements

    Needed several lengths cut to size for a project and sent an email asking if this was possible. They sent one straight back with the price and a link to pay for it over their website. The material arrived earlier than the stated lead time and the good quality of the material, all contributed to me finishing a successful project on time.

  • Flat

    Reviewed by on .

    Wonderful Service

    Needed Several lengths for a job up in Aberdeen. Said we'd left it it a bit late and they got it to me next day. The metal was good quality and the quick delivery really saved the day.

  • Flat

    Reviewed by on .

    Quality Bar

    Used a bit of 30 x 3 to cover a ding on the edge of my trailer. Quality stuff, you'd never know!

  • Flat

    Reviewed by on .

    Good Advice

    A length of edging snapped off the kitchen in my caravan. I gave them the measurements and they came straight back with a price and even told me how best to fix it on.

  • Flat

    Reviewed by on .

    Polishes up well

    Bought a few strips to edge a mirror in the bathroom also bought a polishing kit. It polished up very well and blended in seamlessly with the rest of the bathroom.

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  • Question by Steve on 23/11/2015.


    What does 304 & 316 mean and what is the difference?

    • Answer by Reg (Welder) on 23/11/2015

      304 is the most common grade on stainless steel and is often used universally

      316 has much better corrosion resistance and is often used in marine or coastal environments

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