Reinforcing bar sometimes known as Rebar or Re Bar are high tensile steel bars used to strengthen and reinforce concrete slabs and structures. Although concrete is strong in compression it is relatively weak when under tension. When Rebar is set within concrete it greatly enhances the tensile strength. The rate of expansion due to heat of both concrete and rebar are very similar, and this minimises internal stresses and helps prevent cracking. The outside face of the rebar is ribbed to give it a better adhesion to the concrete, the size quoted is the diameter of the core and the actual overall diameter including the ribs can sometimes be considerably more.

Our Reinforcing bar is available in various sizes ranging from 8mm to 24mm in diameter, and is available in standard 3 or 6 metre lengths, or, we can cut to your specific lengths. The grade of reinforcing bar we supply is grade 500B to BS4449: 2005. Although not controlled chemically it is manufactured to a minimum tensile strength. Rebar can be welded but the slight difference in the coefficient of thermal expansion between it and concrete can sometimes lead to cracking under extreme temperature fluctuations, therefore, it is more normal to hold the rebars in place with loop end tying wires, or plastic spacers .We also supply reinforcing bar made from stainless steel, this is far more corrosion resistant and is used in structures subject to salt water exposure, such as piers and docks, or where salt is often spread or used such as road bridges. In extreme situations such as these the steel rebars can corrode, as rust takes up more room than the steel it can cause internal pressure leading to cracking, Stainless steel rebar is a lot more expensive and is not normally necessary in conventional reinforcing applications.

You can order Reinforcing bar online at metals4U or alternatively call our customer service team on 01937 534318

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