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What is stainless-steel wire mesh and what is it used for?

Made from 304 grade stainless steel wire, our mesh stock is welded together to form a grid and comes prefabricated in sheets of different aperture sizes, and different gauges of wire. This product has excellent resistance to corrosion even when used in external applications; unlike mild steel, it does not need a protective coating or paint to protect it, therefore requires minimal maintenance.

Stainless-steel mesh is primarily used for fencing, guards, enclosures, and security grill panels. It is also used by artists to create sculptures, by archaeologists to demarcate working areas, in gardening and horticulture, and as screens and cages to protect birds and other animals from predators or escape.

Having no cracks or pours to harbour dirt or bacteria, the smooth surface of stainless steel gives it excellent hygiene properties, so it is also often used in the food and catering industry, as well as the health services. The mechanical resistance of stainless steel makes it durable to scratching and other damage, providing it with it aesthetically attractive appearance, and giving it low maintenance properties.

It is also known in a variety of other names, including wire mesh, grill mesh, weld mesh, and welded wire mesh.

Our stainless-steel mesh sheets have excellent weldability so can easily be welded to a frame or can be simply attached using fixings such as screws, bolts etc.

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