Our engineering plastics range comprises of sheet, tube, and round rod profiles available in acetal and nylon.

We offer a custom cutting service and next day delivery options are available.

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What is plastic and what is it used for?

We are suppliers and stockists of a wide range of engineering plastics to manufacturing, engineering, and commercial industries.

We stock nylon round rod, tube, and sheet and Acetal round rod, sheet, and tube in a range of dimensions.

Nylon 6 has excellent machinability, good formability, and good corrosion resistant properties, and our acetal range has good machinability and corrosion resistant properties.

Nylon 6 is one of the most used general-purpose grade thermoplastics. It has high impact resistance, is abrasion and vibration resistant with excellent tolerance to elevated temperatures. Nylon is particularly suitable for thermal breaks and as an insulator between steels.

Our Acetal is a copolymer, (POM-C) that is strong, resistant to wear, has high impact strength, is resistant to strong alkalis and has good sliding properties. Acetal is an excellent choice for plastic bearings as it outperforms nylon with its superior strength and sliding properties. Its low moisture absorption properties give it excellent dimensional stability for close tolerance machine parts when used in high moisture or submerged applications. Acetal is inert which also makes it suitable for use in food preparation areas.

Our entire plastics range is available in both black and an off white, natural colour.

Order your plastic from metals4U.

We offer next day delivery options and free delivery on orders over £75 to England and Wales.

To find out more about how engineering plastics, check out our in-depth technical guide.