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What is mild steel tube and pipe and what is it used for?

Steel tube is also often referred to as poles, or pipes; which term is used usually refers to the application it is being used for.

Steel tube stock is used within industrial settings as it can stand up to extremes of temperature and has excellent mechanical strength properties. Within commercial and domestic settings, steel pipe and tubing is used to manufacture appliances, as protective coverings for utility pipes, and within numerous fabrications and engineering projects.

Order your mild steel tube and pipe from metals4U.

Our extensive range of mild steel tubes are available in 5 different steel grades to ensure you can buy the right one for the job. We also stock galvanisedoval, and plastic-coated piping and posts.

All our pipe and tube stock can be custom cut to required lengths for you at no additional charge. Simply enter your measurements in the custom cut box on the order page, and let us do the rest.