Telescopic Steel Tube / Pipe

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What is telescopic mild steel tube / pipe and what is it used for?

Our  stock of telescopic steel tube is specially manufactured to tight tolerances to enable each piece of mild steel tubing to fit snugly inside the next size up or down.

This telescopic pipe is produced from E220 grade mild steel which has excellent weldability and machining properties.

Telescopic poles are often used for making furniture, frames, enclosures, and display units or perhaps even a telescope!

The poles are priced and supplied individually so please ensure you order a minimum of two different sizes if your piping project is required to be adjustable.

Order your telescopic steel tube / pipe from metals4U.

We also stock this product in aluminium if you do not require the strength, or weight, of a mild steel product.

If you need further product advice, simply email us, or call our customer service advisors for assistance.