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What is galvanised mild steel tube and what is it used for?

Our range of galvanised steel tube and pipe is perfect for external, industrial, and commercial applications. 

The process of 'hot dip galvanising' steel increases its resistance to corrosion. The distinctive spangle surface finish is attractive to look at ( very similar to frost patterns) and requires no maintenance.

Care should be taken when drilling or cutting this material- this should always be done in an outside space or with a good extraction system in place as the dust given off during processes that break through the galvanised surface can cause 'welders flu'. The effects of this soon wear off after exposure to fresh air, and some rest, however, it is not pleasant and can be avoided by taking sensible precautions.

Order your mild steel galvanised tube from metals4U. 

If you are new to working with galvanised steel, we recommend you read our in-depth guide on mild steel which has a useful section on how to use galvanised mild steel.

Our galvanised product range also includes weld meshsheetflat barbox section, and angle.

Custom cutting service and next day delivery options available.