Bright Mild Steel Flat Bars / Rods

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  1. 20mm x 16mm Mild Steel Flat Bright
  2. 20mm x 12mm Mild Steel Flat Bright
  3. 20mm x 10mm Mild Steel Flat Bright
  4. 20mm x 8mm Mild Steel Flat Bright
  5. 20mm x 6mm Mild Steel Flat Bright
  6. 20mm x 5mm Mild Steel Flat Bright
  7. 20mm x 3mm Mild Steel Flat Bright
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7 products

What is bright mild steel flat bar and what is it used for?

 Flat bar is also regularly referred to as 'strip' due to its profile shape.

Our bright mild steel flat bar is manufactured form EN3B grade which has excellent weldability and machinability properties. The formability is classed as good, but the corrosion resistance of this grade is poor- we recommend that the flat bar is surface finished with a metal paint or other surface sealing preparation to reduce rusting and surface oxidisation.

Compared to regular mild steel, bright steel provides tighter sectional tolerances, increased straightness, and a much cleaner surface.  

Bright flat bar is widely used for DIY, industrial, and commercial applications for general fabrication work and making structures and frames.

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