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What is copper sheet and plate and what is it used for?

Copper sheet produced from C106 has excellent formability and ductility, it can be easily cut using all hand tool, mechanical, and flame cutting methods. It is also easy to join by using electric arc methods such as flux cored arc welding, soldering, and brazing which all achieve excellent results.

Copper plate or sheet is widely used in furniture making, brewing vessels, refrigeration, industrial, commercial, and electrical applications.

Copper has great anti-corrosion properties due to the natural development of a striking blue and green patina that covers the surface once exposed to air and moisture- this natural colour changing protection of copper is often intentionally chosen to be used on architectural features, roofs, and within art and sculpture installations.  

Copper is naturally antimicrobial, so it slows down and kills viruses such as e-coli, MRSA, legionella, and flu and cold viruses on its surface. It is also great for keeping slugs at bay as they are not keen on the sensation of its positively charged ions on their slime!

Our copper sheet is available in a choice of 1.5mm, 2mm, and 3mm thickness in C106 grade.

Order your copper sheet and plate from metals4U. 

Read our in-depth technical guide on Copper to find out more about the properties of copper and its uses.

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