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What is brass polished channel and what is it used for?

Our polished brass channel, (also often called C channel or U channel, depending on your perspective) is produced from CZ108 grade brass and surface finished in brushed polish or bright polish presentations.

These polished profiles are polished on the outside faces and the inner surfaces are untreated. Brass channel has excellent corrosion resistance properties and good weldability.

We offer a choice of height and width of channel stock which is available in lengths up to 3.6m- we also offer a custom length cutting service at no additional cost- we save you time and money while reducing waste!

Polished brass channel is commonly used in domestic and commercial environments to edge wood and glass and the distinctive U shape is suitable to use for window and door tracks.

Order your polished brass channel from metals4U.

Our free custom cutting service saves you time and money- it also reduces waste.