38mm Brass Handrail Flush Fittings

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What are 38mm brass handrail flush fittings and what are they used for?

38mm brass handrail flush fittings are used to join lengths of 38mm brass handrail. These fittings are used  where a change in direction is required to ensure the handrail continues to run smoothly.

Our range of fittings make configuring any project easy- no matter how complex your design is. Navigating corners, a point where several handrails converge, or approaching slopes and stairs, we have a range that meets all your needs. Supplied in the same bright polish finish as our brass handrail we sell, side outlet T fittings, side outlet elbows, flush T, elbow, bend, wall return, and flush 135 fittings.

Brass flush fittings require a piece handrail tube to fit into flange fittings,  please take this into account when calculating how much brass handrail you need for your project.

These brass fittings have good corrosion resistance and are not recommended for external use

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